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Akbar Silver 100% Pure Ceylon Tea(canister)
Akbar Silver 100% Pure Ceylon Tea(canister)
Akbar Silver 100% Pure Ceylon Tea(canister) view larger image

Akbar Silver 100% Pure Ceylon Tea(canister)(150g)

100% Pure Ceylon Tea 

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Product Description

Akbar is a blend of the finest “small leaf” Ceylon tea grown between 4000 and 6500 feet in the mountain range of Ceylon where the air is crisp and pure. As a result it has its pleasing aroma, bright colour and rich smooth flavor.


To make perfect tea

In a Pot 

Put one tea bag for each person. Add fresh boiling water. Leave it to infuse for at least 3 minutes before serving.


In a Cup

 Put one tea bag in a cup. Add fresh boiling water. Leave it to infuse for 2-3 minutes. Add sugar, milk or lemon if desired.


For iced tea

Prepare hot tea at double strength and pour into ice filled glasses (melting ice will dilute to serving strength) Serve with sugar, lemon, lime or mint to taste.


Nutritional Information:
Serving size 1 tea cup (0.7 oz/2.0 g)
Serving Per Container: 20

Amount per Serving
Calories: 0

% Daily Value
Total Fat - 0g - 0%
Sodium - 0mg - 0%
Total Carbohydrate - 0mg - 0%
Protein - 0mg - 0%
Percentage Daily values are based on 2.000 calorie diet.

Store in cool dry place.

Company Profile:
It is noteworthy that both Ceylon tea and the family of Akbar Brothers were destined to begin in Sri Lanka in the Same Significant decade of 1860s. Such long, rich and invaluable family experience in tea merchandising, prompted three brothers of the younger generation, Abbas, Abid and Inaye to collectively take the initiative of propelling the cherished family tradition to new heights. Accordingly, they took leave of the parent company M.S.Hebthulabhoy & co. In 1969 to form the company Akbar Brothers. Rapid growth in business warranted this enthusiastic new company to be incorporated, and thus emerged Akbar Brothers Limited in 1972. Consequently, -Akbar- was acknowledged as the flagship brand of finest brand of finest quality Ceylon teas from Sri Lanka.