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MedEx Anti Mosquito Patch(10pcs)
MedEx Anti Mosquito Patch(10pcs)
MedEx Anti Mosquito Patch(10pcs) view larger image

MedEx Anti Mosquito Patch(10pcs)


No Skin contact

Longer lasting with controlled release

Natural, Safe & Toxic Fee

Simple & Easy to use

High quality and high Purity

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Product Description

Anti mosquito patch contains high purity and high quality citronella oil, which is an effective natural insect repellent. The pleasant scent emitted from the patch keeps mosquito away from you for up to 12 hours. It is the best choice for your mobile protection against mosquito bites. Contains no harmful chemicals, absolutely safe to use. It is easy to carry wherever you go.

Anti-mosquito Patch (AMP) can be used anywhere and anytime you want - in your bedroom, in the toilets, in your camp, or even during golfing trips! Now, with Anti-Mosquito Patch (AMP), you can truly say goodbye to horrible mosquito bites wherever you are?without any worries of side effects or unpleasant odor.


People are using the anti mosquito patch on backpacks, pant cuffs, golf hats, baby strollers,
tents, wristbands, bedside, underneath tables


How To Use Anti Mosquito Patch
Anti Mosquito Patch is suitable for occasions and places that are easily infested by mosquitoes and insects.


1)       Peel off the protective film

2)       Attach the adhesive side to your clothes or a location close to your body such as stocking, shoulder areas, inside of trousers, skirts or at the edge of a table or bed.



Citronella Oil

Size and Shape : 10 x 10cm2 round shape


Keep in cool, dry place and protect from direct sunlight.

Imported and Distributed in Singapore