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Vitroman Formula XP - 60ml
Vitroman Formula XP - 60ml
Vitroman Formula XP - 60ml view larger image
Vitroman Formula XP (60 ml)
Mucuna extract - 20 %
Increase Penis Hardness , Enhances Penis Sensitivity,
Prolong Erection Time , Powerful & Controlled Ejaculation,
Enlarge Your Penis through blood capillaries dilation.

For Men Only
External Use Supplement
for penis only(enhancement) rock hard erection and improve sexual performance.

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Product Description

Vitroman Formula XP is every mans performance assistance. An application product ingredient with butea superb (also known as power herb) is specially created for the delicate privates.
This unique topical supplement offers penis enhancement, applied onto the penis and testis is quickly absorbed into the topical skin of the genitals. The concentrated formula applies Direct Action treatment through direct application, direct absorption and direct nutrients delivery.

- non-invasive
- richer formulation
- topical application
- gentle care for your most discreet area

How it works: Vitroman Formula XP is a topical gel when applied, it is delivered by transdermal. The formula reaches the desired area as the fine skin is capable of absorption. It is non-greasy and lightly scented. Best of all, it is non-invasive hence suitable for all normal skin type and could be used daily.

Directions: Simply, apply the formula onto genital and gently massage for 1- 3 minutes, assisting nutrients absorption into inner layer of skin.
Caution: Avoid Eye Area and Oral Contact

NOTE: Before using, consult your doctor if you have health enquiry, on daily medication or on medication to control illness condition. The products are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary from person to person.

Company Profile:
Vitroman, Enhancement for Man only. As any man would proudly proclaim, 30 years old marks the peak of adulthood and the height of performance. At this age, we prided ourselves on our Herculean strength and pushed the limits in physical activities. If you feel your body is sending out some signals that may affect your daily activities or health, take it seriously now.

Intimate Care for men
Today many men emphasize facial care and tend to neglect other vital parts of their body, the genital. In some country, men are aware of the gradual health aging and hence, start to take care of their body with unique herbs from a young age. Now using latest science technologies to produce proprietary formula, man is now able to care for their private part with topical applications and oral consume products.
The body recognize the disadvantage of having a permanent erection, naturally provided the PDE 5 enzyme. If the PDE 5 levels supersede those of the declining cGMP levels, the erection will return to its flaccid state.A unique phyto compound found in butea superba, relax the smooth muscle and temporarily blocks the enzyme PDE 5. This allows cGMP to remain in high concentration while expansion in the erectile tissue enables blood to gush through. This action (by butea superb ) maintains persistent production levels of cyclic GMP or nitric oxide.Despite many disagreement with penis enlargement product, the inflated chambers of the corpus cavernosa or penis, filled with masses of blood become so engorged that the veins (which usually drain away blood) are pressed shut against the tough outer membrane of the erectile chambers. The result is erection and enlargement of the penis.From the time when butea superba studies have showed main focused on blood flow to male genitals, hence, promoting normal sexual function, erectile capacity and performance.Further display of multiple advantages to human health and confirmed benefits to enhance penile health, it was considered to be an essential factor to erectile dysfunction.