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Marmite Yeast Extract 100% Vegetarian w B Vitamins
Marmite Yeast Extract 100% Vegetarian    w B Vitamins
Marmite Yeast Extract 100% Vegetarian    w B Vitamins view larger image
Marmite Yeast Extract 100% Vegetarian
(470 g)

100% Vegetarian
Contains B Vitamins

A Unilever Brand
Product of U.K
Product Code: A10918

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Product Description

Marmite is a registered Trademark of Unilever UK Foods.

Delicious when mixed with porridge or dissolved in hot water as a soup base. Use it as flavoring to your favourite dishes; try it in sandwiches or on bread.

Yeast Extract, Salt, Vegetable Extract, Niacin, Thiamin, Spice Extracts, Riboflavin, Folic Acid, Celery Extract, vitamin B12.

Nutritional Information:
Typical values - Per 100g
Energy - 983 KJ - 231 Kcal
 Protein - 38.4g
Carbohydrate - 19.2g
Of which sugars - 0.5g
Fat - 0.1g
Of which saturates - trace
Fibre - 3.1g
Sodium - 4.3g
Thiamin - 5.8mg
Riboflavin - 7.0mg
Niacin - 160.0mg
Folic Acid - 2500.0μg
Vitamin B12 -15.0μg

Typical values - Per 4g serving
Energy - 39 KJ - 9 Kcal
 Protein- 1.5g
Carbohydrate - 0.8g
Of which sugars- trace
Fat - trace
Of which saturates - trace
Fibre - 0.1g
Sodium - 0.2g
Thiamin- 0.23mg
Riboflavin- 0.28mg
Niacin - 6.4mg
Folic Acid - 100.0μg
Vitamin B12 -0.6μg

Company Profile:

Any time before 1680 can safely be considered the Dark Ages, certainly as far as Marmite is concerned.

The raw ingredients existed - Marmite is made from brewer's yeast that's been used to ferment sugars into alcohol - but Marmite was yet to be invented. People simply binned the by-products of brewing before they knew any better.

It was during the 1900s that Marmite emerged as a mainstream torment to society. Previously it had been consumed only by those with a strange liking for unpleasant taste sensations. In fact, there's talk of underground gatherings where people would meet to pass the Marmite round, along with cockroach shell crisps and earth worm pate.