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King Oscar Sardines in Olive Oil
King Oscar Sardines in Olive Oil
King Oscar Sardines in Olive Oil view larger image
King Oscar Sardines in Olive Oil
 canned food fish

-Lightly smoked on oak.
-Ever since 1902.
-Extra fine quality.
-Sardines in Olive oil (Double Layer).
-Naturally rich in Omega -3.
-Product of Poland.
Product Code: A10867

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Product Description

-Brisling Sardines (78%), Olive Oil (21%), Salt.

-King Oscar Sardines double layer are the favourite of sardine connoisseurs worldwide due to their small size, fuller taste and firmer texture. Sardines are naturally rich in Omega-3. King Oscar sardines do not contain any added colours, flavours and preservatives.

-Contains 14-22 Brisling Sardines.

-Sardines with natural Omega-3 and Protein.

Nutrition Facts:

Quantity Per 41g Serving*
Energy -  294KJ 
Protein -  6.6g            
Fat, Total - 4.9g               
  -Saturated - 1.4g             
  -Trans - <0.1g               
  -Polyunsaturated  -  1.3g       
   -    -Omega-3 - 1.0g  
   -    -EPA - 328mg      
   -    -DHA - 492mg            
  -Monounsaturated  - 2.2g            
Carbohydrate - <1g               
   -Sugars  -  <1g              
Sodium  - 164mg               
Potassium - 103mg                    
Quantity Per 100g Serving*
Energy -  716KJ
Protein -  16.0g
Fat, Total - 12.0g
  -Saturated - 3.4g
  -Trans - <0.1g
  -Polyunsaturated  - 3.2g
   -    -Omega-3 - 2.5g
   -    -EPA - 800mg
   -    -DHA - 1200mg
  -Monounsaturated  - 5.4g    
Carbohydrate - <1g
   -Sugars  -  <1g
Sodium  - 400mg
Potassium - 250mg   
*All Quantities are Average Values.

Company Profile :

A little history, our brand was founded in 1902, when King Oscar II, benevolent ruler of Norway and Sweden, gave a Norwegian canning company special royal permission to use his name and image on a line of world-class sardine products. Over the years, the brand expanded and changed hands as the sardine canning industry evolved in Norway. Today, King Oscar is part of the Norwegian food company Rieber & Søn ASA.